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We provide testing services for groundwater, landfill monitoring, remediation, and soil projects include a wide variety of volatile, semi-volatile, mineral, and inorganic chemical analyses, as well as complete trace metal determinations.


The experienced chemists at CSRA Analytical Laboratories have expertise in testing groundwater for a wide array of compounds. CSRA Analytical Laboratories provides analysis for all the regulated and non-regulated compounds of concern.

CSRA Analytical Laboratories offers an extensive range of general chemical analysis on groundwater samples consistent with the regulations of various national, local, and regulatory agencies.


CSRA Analytical Laboratories has been involved with a large number of landfill and other groundwater monitoring projects throughout the area. We provide a wide variety of volatile and semi-volatile analyses, mineral and inorganic chemical analyses, and complete trace metal determinations required for site assessment, monitoring, and remediation projects.

Our clients may include industrial manufacturers, cities as well as waste management agencies. To find out more about our field and laboratory services in support of groundwater monitoring/remediation, please contact our offices.

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